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Family Law Help

“Want to take control of your life back?” We do family law well and understand how you feel. You get support and right from our first meeting you will have a plan to get out of the mess.


Wills & Estates

We have the knowledge and experience to help you implement your wishes in giving your wealth and the control of it to persons important to you, when you are no longer able to control it yourself.


Buying & Selling Property

All conveyancing is not the same. Our premium conveyancing service is renown for what we do rather than what others leave out. We refuse to cut corners with your property.


Criminal Law

Being charged with a criminal or traffic offence can have a catastrophic impact upon your life. We understand this and provide experienced, dedicated legal help to assist you in this difficult time. 

Latest Legal News

Student Loans – Proposal to claw back debt from the “ghosts of students past”

Grattan Institute is an independent ‘think tank’ formed in 2008 to respond to views in government and business within Australia.  The Institute state they provide independent, rigorous and practical solutions to some of the country’s most pressing problems. A recent report released by the Institute states that 17% of the Government’s student loans will not […]

Dealing with Domestic Violence

Family Law – Domestic Violence in the home The law regarding protection orders is contained in the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012. You, or the other party, may be the victim of domestic violence in the home and feel the need to apply for a Protection Order.  This order may have certain conditions which may […]

The Perils of Facebook

The issue of posting information on Facebook was addressed in the case of Lackey & Mae [2013] FMCAfam 284, a decision made in the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia in Canberra by the then Federal Magistrate Neville. As a brief background to this case, the parties have 4 children and had been separated a few years prior […]


Adopting a child in Queensland is not a quick and easy decision.  It may be as a step-parent you want to formally adopt your partner’s child as you may have had other children with your partner.  You may want to obtain parental responsibility with your partner over that child, similar to your other biological children. […]